Forest Enamel Mug

Forest Enamel Mug

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The Forest Enamel Mug features an owl, axe for chopping firewood, squirrel munching on an acorn, tree stump, copper kettle, bushcraft knife, logs, moose antler, ants, fly agaric, bolete, birds nest, pine cone, milkcap, firewood, matches, blueberries and a Scandinavian kuksa (wooden cup).

About the production
The mugs are hand-crafted by a family-owned Polish enamelware manufacturer: They use an old traditional technique which gives the mugs a long-lasting finish, made to withstand your wild adventures and the test of time!

Since the mugs are hand-crafted they might come with slight imperfections - for example there may be marks on inside of the handle, where the mugs are hung to glaze, or small spots here and there.

By buying these mugs you support slow, traditional European manufacturing.

  • Specifications enamel mug
  • White with black mushroom print
  • Campfire Safe, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe
  • Capacity: 350 ml / 11,8 oz
  • Diameter 80 mm / 3,2 inch
  • Hand made, non toxic European Enamel
  • Carbon steel coated with a double wall of non toxic enamel