Saga Mariah's Flora & Fungi

My name is Saga-Mariah Sandberg, and I am an artist from Sweden, Scandinavia.
I grew up on the Swedish country side of the region Värmland, known for it’s vast, dark forests and lakes, and from an early age the nature around me fascinated me.

My mission is to capture the wonders and diversity of nature, using my skills in painting and design, and turn them into educational yet decorative posters for your home.

The shop

Orders are packed and sent from the very same place where they are printed, by the local printer of the charming town of Bollebygd in Sweden. Bollebygd is surrounded by woods and farmlands, and situated in the region of West Gothland. 

The Prints & Posters

Everything is printed here in Sweden, Scandinavia. Fine art prints are printed on Hahnemühle paper, renowned as Europe's finest paper manufacturer since 1584.

The Mugs

Together with a family-owned factory in Poland that uses traditional, handmade methods, I have made a collection of enamel ware, for camping as well as everyday use.

My patterns, illustrated by hand to fit the surface of an enamel mug, are turned into ceramic decals, then applied to the enamel surface and fired in a high-temperature kiln. Another clear enamel coating is applied on top, and thus the surface design is finished.