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Enter the shroom realm


PLANT CARDS 1 - Coming soon

  • 180 kr
Collectible cards
12 cards
Printed in Sweden
Part of a series

About the collectible cards

The enamel collections are manufactured by a family-owned factory in Poland that uses traditional, handmade methods.

Since the mugs are hand-crafted they come with slight imperfections - for example there are marks on inside of the handle, where the mugs are hung to glaze, and sometimes small spots here and there.

By buying these mugs you support slow, traditional European manufacturing.

 Please allow 1-4 business days for dispatch.

Designed by me, hello!

My patterns, illustrated to fit the surface of the enamel mugs, are turned into ceramic decals, then applied to the enamel surface and fired in a high-temperature kiln.

Handmade enamel mugs

The mugs are hand-crafted by a family-owned Polish enamelware manufacturer: They use an old traditional technique which gives the mugs a long-lasting finish, made to withstand your wild adventures and the test of time!

Small batches

By buying these mugs you support slow, traditional European manufacturing. We work with small batches and restock 2-3 times a year.

Collector Pack 1 - A set of 12 cards

A fun guide to recognising and discovering plant species from the Northern Hemisphere!

Inspired by old timey collectible cards I created this series of biology themed collectible cards through which you can learn about different plant species, card by card.

Key on the back
On the front of each card you find an artistic illustration of the species, and on the back of the card you find a guide to different facts which serve helpful when identifying the species.

The illustrations are artistic and the cards are meant as a mere, fun compliment to field guides; numerous visual sources are required in order to understand what a species look like.

Size: 120 x 70 mm / 7'2 x 2'7 inches (Classic Tarot size)
— Printed in Dalarna, Sweden
— Paper is sustainable and labelled with The Nordic Ecolabel (Svanenmärkt), a sustainability label